Saturday, 1 April 2017

Super New Project, Super New Blogs

Everyday is the same.. Everyday is different.

Everyday I take the same buses, make the same commute, work in the same place, at the same job, before coming back the same way, eventually retiring to the same bed.. It's a bit samey, going on for plain old monotonous.

One thing that does change almost by the day is the people however. Different bus drivers, different passengers, and as chance would have it; yesterday one of those passengers was a familiar face.. Not that I immediately recognised them, as I was away with the faeries after a long day of tedium and data entry.

Thankfully they recognised me however, and we got to chatting; catching up and discussing our shared hobby of gaming.

I talked about SCRAWL, the 10 x 10 Challenge, and how I'd got back into blogging after a break away from it all, and they told me about a new project that they had been working on. A rules light supers skirmish game.

As the conversation progressed I was both intrigued and impressed. It transpired that not only were they working on the project, but they were also managing it and funding it themselves too. Sourcing artists, working on the system, drafting, editing, layout.. It's a lot of work to undertake. So I really admire them for putting in the hard work and effort into something that is nothing short of a labor of love.

So, knowing all that was going into this, I was surprised just how low the price point was (£8 for a softcover copy as I recall).

If this game sounds like your kind of thing, please check out the blog for the project here.

You can also follow their other supers and miniatures blogs, here, here, and here.


  1. Cheers for the shout-out Tom! :) Greatly appreciated. :)

    Hopefully we both see progress on our respective projects this year. :)

    1. Not a problem. Always happy to help; and I do mean it when I say that I was truly impressed with what you have accomplished so far, and what you have planned so far.

      A lot of gamers dream the dream, but often their execution means that their dream come to little more than a flash in the pan. You however, I know will succeed. :0).