Sunday, 30 April 2017

10 x 10 Challenge #14: Doing The Maths

There is no getting away from it. May is only a day away, and I've only managed to play a handful of the 100 games required to complete my 10 x 10 Challenge. Nearly five months down the road, and I'm still in single-digits. It's simply not good enough!

The Maths

As it stands, I have played 8 games against the challenge, over the space of 13 weeks. That's little more than a single game every 2 weeks. A rate, that if constant throughout the year would mean that I would only complete 32 of the 100 games required.

Not even a third of what I set out to achieve, and a far cry short of my target.

The maths isn't all doom and gloom though. There are still 35 weeks (and a day) left in the year, and if I pull 3 games a week I can still make this happen.. Just. 3 games a week isn't a big ask though, and I feel pretty confident looking over my selections for the challenge that this can easily be accomplished.

Some Changes

Something I will need to do to make this happen however is to take a change in direction in how I blog about the challenge. Initially when I envisioned the coverage, I had imagined photo after photo detailing every turn I played. Something that soon went out the window upon discovering how impractical the idea was given my blog layout.

Then I decided, "okay we'll keep the detail, just minus the pictures". This has worked pretty well up until now, but it has been a lot more time consuming than I had originally thought it would be; often tripling the time it takes to play a game (in order to take the appropriate notes), followed by what is often a lengthy posting.

Truth be told, I also don't think it's what people want. Big blocks of text full of detail work well for narratives, but in terms of play reports; it can be a little dry. Long posts also aren't always particularly well received, so more and more the idea is beginning to feel like a lead balloon.

So going forward I am going to focus on getting the games in, whilst seriously looking towards scaling back the detail with which I blog about them. Keeping to stuff like scores, and surprising or memorable moments during gameplay. Did I enjoy the game? Where there any issues? That kind of thing.

Right! Time to do some gaming!

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