Thursday, 13 April 2017

What The Hell Happened At 9:00!?

What the hell happened at 9:00!?.. And can we make it happen again?

Stats are important when it comes to blogging. By keeping an eye on the views each post gets, I can begin to form an idea of what people reading my blog are interested in; and deliver more similar comment. That's why a lot of what I post is so eclectic. It's me getting a feel for what works and what doesn't.

So I would love to know what the hell happened at 9:00 this morning (GMT), that caused a massive spike in traffic.

By keeping an eye on the numbers, I know that based on my current exposure, a new post will attract 10-15 views for the day it is posted. Days with no traffic are also common enough, as I don't update each and every day. So to see a spike of 175 views at exactly 9:00 this morning, with apparently no rhyme or reason is to say the least a little odd.

I didn't post anything, there isn't one specific referring traffic source, and no particular post has suddenly shot up my most read list. In fact, it's almost like it never happened.. But the slightly blurry screen capture to the right doesn't lie.

Did anyone else see a similar spike?

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