Sunday, 2 April 2017

Speaking Of Time, Games, And Pacts

Reviewing my last post, something has just occurred to me. It's been nearly a month since I last broke out the dice bag, and had me a session of SCRAWL.

This simply will not stand, as Eric will have gathered cobwebs by the time I get back to him at this rate.

Now I could argue that time has somewhat gotten away from me of late, and what time I have had has been spent doing the essentials.. But isn't gaming an essential? I think so. I mean you only have to look at The Shining to see what all work and no play results in!

So instead of making excuses, I'm going to follow the pattern of my last post for getting stuff done. I'm going to make a pact with myself..

I hereby solemnly swear that between now and before the next Sunday (9th April) has become the following Monday (10th April), I will have engaged in a session of SCRAWL. This is my word. My word is my bond.

That should do it!

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