Monday, 10 April 2017

Interview Day

Following on from my previous post, today was interview day; and all things considered I think it went well.. Although it has left me with a slight problem.

During the interview it transpired that this was only the first of two interviews, and I'm all out of annual leave. Knowing that nothing good ever comes of deceit, I'm unwilling to pull a sickie; and I know without asking that a telephone interview is out of the question.

So what to do?

Well, we all know I love a problem! I also think I already have a solution. As it's not past yet, I should be able to reallocate the annual leave I set aside for the bank holidays. It's only 1.5 days, but then again; I only need one. That's a whole point five in change. So it's not a major issue (assuming that they get back to me within the next few days, so I can jiggle stuff about before the bank holidays). Sure I'll lose the better part of a couple of days pay, but if it gets me one step closer to my end goal; I'm good with that.

Having only half a days holiday owed to me could present another problem however. My other lead came through (which is great), and whilst they're initially happy to interview over the phone (also great); they will want to follow that up with a face-to-face second stage interview if I'm shortlisted.

From what I've been told, that could be as soon as next week. So whilst I'm thrilled to have all of this coming off, there could be a few hurdles to overcome in the future. Could be is the operative phrase though. So whilst I'll try and work out a plan that makes this all magically work and keeps everyone happy, I'm more focused on the role I interviewed for today at this point in time.

A bird in the hand is after all worth two in the bush.


  1. Good luck in resolving the second stage of interview and the other lead. :)

    1. Thanks Leon. :0).

      It's all looking very positive at the moment. I'm still waiting to hear back regarding yesterday's interview; but they did say it likely wouldn't be till Wednesday. Then there is the telephone interview today that went well enough for them to invite me along to the 2nd / 3rd stage interviews that will both be held on the same day.

      I also have a couple of new leads from jobs I applied for yesterday. It's all coming up Tom. :0).