Friday, 14 April 2017

SCRAWL: Random Societies

Carrying on the idea that I seeded in my previous post, another thought has occurred to me. Why not do something similar with societies?

Again, with regards to the level of detail that I plan to capture, I want to keep it loose. Conveying just enough information to spark the imagination, whilst leaving plenty of scope for creativity on the part of the player. So, I'll look to cover topics such as how the society is ruled, the currency they use, and their core values; but nothing much deeper than that in terms of specifics.

I want the player to have the freedom to make these groups their own. So whilst for one player a "devout society" may be humans building temple, upon cathedral, upon chapel, for another it may be a secluded sect of goblins pursuing their goal to resurrect a dragon god.

By keeping the statements simple but meaningful, you hand the control back to the player; and with a little creative flourish there is no ends to the worlds they can bring to life this way.

Society is one of those words that gives me as the author a little flexibility too. Take our "devout society" above. That could be the culture of an entire realm, be regional, or even just apply to a small remote community who have fallen out of step with what everyone else considers the norm.

Society doesn't really know scale, so players can throw as many of these at their realm as they want; covering groups of people from the entire populous to a small huddle of folks in the tavern. It's that flexible!

I think I may be on to something here, but any comments and suggestions are as always more than welcome.

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