Saturday, 8 April 2017

Better And Better

Just a short post for reasons that will become pretty obvious by the time I'm done typing. Short but joyous.

In my last post I was able to bring you the good news that I had a couple of leads that could see me cut loose from my job shaped noose, and moving on to bigger and better things. I am now happy to say that one of those leads has translated to an interview!

I also feel that I'm in with a realistic shot of getting the job too. I'll need to sit down and research the company between now and then (then being Monday) to get interview ready, but that's such a minor hurdle in the grand scheme of things that I am feeling supremely confident that this one could very well come off.

Research and prep isn't the reason why I'm keeping this post short and sweet however. Nope. That would be because it's time to make good on one of my pacts. It's SCRAWL time!


  1. Good luck with the interview and making time to meet your commitment to yourself. :)

    1. Thanks. :0).

      It's not always easy, but then again; worthwhile and easy aren't pseudonyms. :0).