Tuesday, 28 March 2017

SCRAWL: Starting Equipment

In my last SCRAWL related post, I went the whole hog in terms of recreating the basic classes found in the rulebook, in such a way that the new classes that I am working on can be introduced; without undermining the work and effort that has been put into this great little system.

Whilst I am quite happy with these new classes generally speaking, one area I feel that I need to review on reflection is the starting equipment that I allocated to each of these classes.

I really like the idea of each class having a different load out, based on their background.. But I think I can do better than my initial effort. Much better.

For a start, some classes had no gold; which is a bit of problem. Even if it's only a handful of coins, characters do need some gold to start off with. Especially given that I also neglected to give any of the classes any provisions or torches! At this rate, a character could starve to death before the adventure's even begun. A definite oversight that I need to look into.

The special items I created also seem a little overpowered, but classes having their own unique tools is still really appealing. So whilst I may scale them back, I may also create something comparable for each of the other new classes to balance things out. Maybe a holy symbol for the cleric, something to ease spell casting for the mage.. Stuff that defines the archetype whilst staying true to the classical roleplaying roots of the system.

Other than those few points however, I think these new classes are good to go!

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