Sunday, 12 March 2017

Meeple Arcade #1: Something New

When I set out to write this blog, something that I decided was that I wanted to give myself a lot more scope than I had with previous efforts. If it was something that interested me, I wanted to include it; as well as blogging about life in general.

The thing we me though is that a lot of things interest me.

There are the staples that have kept my interest over the many years such as roleplaying and boardgames; but there are the passing interests too where something catches my eye, and I want to know more. Bio-plastics for example.

Something that has recently caught my eye in such a way is in browser gaming.

Now, flash games are nothing new, but my appreciation for them is; as in the past I had largely overlooked them (with the exception of a few absolute gems). In fairness, it was easy to! The web is beyond saturated with flash games, and a lot of them are either poorly developed or just clones of poorly developed games that someone thought was fun, or funny.

As I say though, there are gems; and that's what I want this section to be about. Flash games that I have played, and actually enjoyed. Games that I hope that you too will enjoy.

I have a few in mind already that I have played recently (and a few that have really stuck with me from years back); so watch this space, for some free flash fun.

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