Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Or should that be that be the early bird catches the work, as the original typo for this post read? It'd certainly be apt!

As most of you I am sure know by this point, I am not exactly happy in the job I am currently in for a number of reasons. Namely, the people, the job itself, the distance I have to travel every sodding day just to earn my unimpressive wage. It has bugger all going for it, other than not being unemployment; and I've not been shy about it.

Rather than simply resigning myself to complaining about it however; I've decided to take the initiative and do something about it. Don't get me wrong, I still find the time to complain about it. I just can't help but feel all that complaining is little more than wasted energy.

Complaining, bitching, and whining aside however, when I found myself up with the dawn chorus this morning I was overjoyed. For most people, being awake so early might serve as a bit of an annoyance. Even more so, if as in my case they don't clock on until 11:00.. But no, I see this as a positive. It's something I was even hoping for when I turned in last night!

For me the first plus of waking up so early is the shear pleasantry of being woken by bird song as opposed to two (yes TWO) overbearing alarm clocks. Waking naturally also puts a certain spring in your step. Something you just don't get from being jarred from your slumber by by two screeching electronic harpies.

The second, and the reason I wanted an early start to begin with was so that I could look for work! This is something that I wanted to do yesterday evening, but honestly after a 4 hour round commute, and the company of my colleagues for 5 hours I was too mentally drained to do my best work; and applying for jobs is all about showing perspective employers the best possible you. Something that is hard bordering on the impossible when you're that exhausted.

Which brings us to here, now, and a couple of hours to play with that I wouldn't otherwise have.

Time to get cracking! Time to get job hunting!

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