Saturday, 4 March 2017

A Thrifty Find!

Not long after posting up the latest in Erik's exploits today, I decided to go for a walk.
There's nothing particularly post worthy in that, as like many adults of my age I have been walking for just over 30 years. It's impressive to start off with, but once you get past the toddler stage you really have to push the envelope to have anything to write home about.

Today's reasons were nothing particularly special either. I was all out of biscuits, and to get the ones I like I needed to travel about a mile.. I'd also be passing a few friends on the way, and the new sweet shop that's opened up (ironically called "The Old Sweet Shop"); so I figured if the friends were about and the shop was open I'd swing by them. Make the journey worthwhile, and maybe pick up some bacon flavored candy into the bargain.

Alas the sweet shop was shut, but as my journey also took me past several charity shops I figured I'd take the opportunity to browse the boardgames that had been donated to them. I wasn't really expecting much, if anything as I had only just done the rounds last week; but life as they say is full of surprises.

Tucked away on a high shelf in the first store I entered was a copy of Zeus On The Loose.. Still in its shrink wrap.. For only £1.59! Sold!

Truth be told, this probably isn't a game that I would have bought at full R.R.P; but at a such a discount, and with the proceeds of the transaction going to a good cause, how could I refuse?

So another game has found a good home, a good cause has raised a little money towards their ends, and a journey for assorted sugary treats resulted in something more than just a recipe for tooth decay.

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