Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Where There's A Will, There's A Way

I'm good at solving problems. Give me a problem, no matter how big; and give me enough time, and I'll give you a solution. Effectively needing to be in two places at once though. That's a tricky one, even for me.

That was the problem I found myself facing with my last update however.

In summary of that post, my current temporary job is ass, but being a responsible adult I wasn't going to pull a sickie to attend a job interview; something which seems on a par with starting a long-term relationship with the married person you're having an affair with. However, having only accrued only half a days holiday in the short time I have been there, I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Something I wasn't happy about in the slightest.

As the title of the post says though, "where there's a will, there's a way"; and I am nothing if not an extremely strong-willed individual.

The Problem

So the problem is that I needed to find a way of attending an interview, when realistically I didn't have anywhere the time I needed to do so.

The Solution

Initially I had thought that a possible course of action was to only apply for jobs along my route to work. That way, I could plump for an early morning interview without any need for taking time off at all. A solid plan.

Where I work may be out of the way, but I pass through a couple of hubs along the way; either of which would be ideal, both for this plan to work, and to work in long term.

The city center is however where the majority of the jobs are, and it's about 3 hours in the wrong direction from my current workplace. So whilst I had managed to think my way out of a dead-end, I was still far from home and dry. I needed a plan B.

Then it hit me when I was in the bath this morning, getting ready for work. Telephone interviews! Sure, not every employer is going to go for it, but for those that do; I can quite literally be in two places at once! I guess it depends on how impressed they are with my CV, and what the job is; but I feel quietly confident that this could work.

So that's what I'm going to trial. If I can't make it physically, I'll ask if they'd be happy doing it over the phone; explaining my reasons. What's the worst that could happen? They say no. Big woop! If I didn't ask, the answer's already a no by default.

Don't ask. Don't get!

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