Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Officially Unemployed!

The title says it all. As of today, I am once again officially unemployed.

It's not through any ill means. My contract simply ran out, and my job no longer exists. That doesn't make the situation any less dire though. Especially having completed my monthly budget to find out that I have only £10 a week for food!

It's not that I can't get by on that pittance, and I do get that resorting to the welfare system is not supposed to be comfortable (so as to discourage it as a "lifestyle choice"); but £10 is not a lot. It means I'll have to make some particularly poor diet choices.

How ironic that a low income should lead to food of questionable nutritional value. The literal definition of a poor diet.

There is the suggestion of course, that I could tighten my belt. I am however expecting the effect of the foods of dubious content to be quite the opposite; and that I'll gain a few pounds! Not exactly a look I was going for, but never the less, something that is almost inevitable.

This is because I'll have to rely on high carb, "bulking" foods to make the budget stretch as far as it needs to. So stuff like bread, pasta, potatoes etc. These are foods that I would normally now avoid however, as I know how much trouble the human body has breaking these down.. And what it can't break down; largely becomes fat.

So, I need to develop a plan of action unless I want to become another casualty of the obesity crisis. Which looks like stepping up the amount of exercise I engage in every day (as exercise is free!), whilst monitoring the food that I am buying very closely; so as to make the best of a bad situation.

Nil desperandum!

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