Tuesday, 31 January 2017

10 x 10 Challenge #8: 100 Swords - Game #1 - Part #1

Since I had so much spare time on my hands today, I decided to go really over the top in documenting my first game of the 10 x 10 Challenge. Seriously, I took nearly four A4 sides of notes, so that I could give a blow by blow account of  my first game.. Which wasn't wasted, as this one went down to the wire; with victory going to the party that managed to slay the big bad. The mighty red dragon!

100 Swords - The Red Dragon's Dungeon Setup
100 Swords - The Red Dragon's Dungeon
The first hand drawn wasn't too bad (3 x Crappy Sword, 1 x Awkward Sword, 1 x Boots), using this I moved forward to the second room of the dungeon using the boots and expended the Awkward Sword (one of, if not the worst card in the game) to recover the Okay Sword. I then used a Crappy Sword for its movement value reveling a Stone Door.. Which completely screwed my turn as I hadn't taken the key. It was now the turn of the A.I, who revealed a Fishman at both ends of the dungeon; and took the near one. Once the dungeon was consolidated, it looked like the above.

100 Swords - The Red Dragon's Dungeon
Another decent early game draw (3 x Crappy Sword, 2 x Boots), but there's still the problem of the big ass Stone Door blocking my way. The issue being that it can only be taken out by a key, and in order to get the All Purpose Key I'll have to sacrifice another card this turn. So whilst I can sure of scoring a few points this turn from the door, the card that I'll have to use to move to it, and the other for the key mean that it's unlikely that I'll be adding anything of any value to my deck this turn. So having done that I spent another Crappy Sword to move one, revealing a Wither Sword; which as luck would have it required exactly the same amount of energy to collect as I could generate from the cards remaining in my hand. Score! Hopefully a few turns along the Wither Sword could also help me rid my deck of some of its more useless cards. The A.I revealed the last card in the dungeon; which left them with a Displacer Ghost and a Fishman to choose from as their prize. Given that the Fishman is worth more Gold, they decide to take it, and it was time once again to consolidate the dungeon. The picture above was taken just before that.

100 Swords - The Red Dragon's Dungeon
Turn 3 and one of my drafted cards finally comes through (Okay Sword), unfortunately so does the Awkward Sword. Other than that I draw three Crappy Swords. Given that I really, REALLY, don't like Awkward Sword, I use it for movement (it's really not worth the bother in combat) and move into the first room of the dungeon, revealing the Haunted Armor. This is something that I have no hope of defeating so early into the game, and with such a poor hand, so I duck it, burn one of my Crappy Swords and move into the next room where I slay the Displacer Ghost there with my Okay Sword. At this point I have only one choice for the ghost's ability as my discard pile is empty, so I draw a card.. A pair of boots. Useful, but not great. I use the Boots to move on another two chambers where I reveal the Lullaby Sword. As I don't have enough energy to retrieve the sword, I press onward to the final chamber of the dungeon where I find the Quick Boots. Another nice item which I don't have enough energy to take with me.. I notice a theme developing here. Before I consolidate the dungeon, the A.I acts taking the Haunted Armor for an impressive 6 Gold. I have some catching up to do!

100 Swords - The Red Dragon's Dungeon
This turn was pretty short. Having drawn three Crappy Swords, Boots and, my Wither Sword; I used the Boots to move into the second chamber of the dungeon, and expended the three Crappy Swords for the energy required to take the Lullaby Sword into my hand. Once I had done that I used the Wither Sword to move another two chambers, revealing a Fine Sword. Again the discard pile was empty; so no joy in thinning out the herd. The A.I acts, revealing a Mushroom and a Shadow Sword.. Not surprisingly, it takes the sword.

100 Swords - The Red Dragon's Dungeon
Drawing back up to five cards at the beginning of the turn I find myself with a particularly poor draw (4 x Crappy Swords, 1 x Okay Sword), when I really need to be taking ground and so many desirable items are finding their way into the dungeon. The fungus at the front door is more bad news too as taking it down is really going to cost me more than I  stand to get back from it. With this in mind, I decided to expend a Crappy Sword to rent the potion from the store, and to use it to hide the Mushroom. Now that I was free to move into the dungeon, I used the Okay sword to make it to the second chamber; and the rest of my hand to claim the Quick Boots. Just because I could, I then used the newly acquired boots to scoot into the fourth chamber; revealing the Cursed Sword, whilst drawing the Lullaby Sword from my deck. Hmmmm, maybe I should have held fire in hindsight as I'm going to have to passify the Mushroom again next turn if I don't draw something suitable enough to slay it outright.. And I don't have a lot in my deck that can actually do that. Lastly the A.I acts and reveals that damned Mushroom again, along with a Torch Skeleton.. Which it takes, for 5 Gold. Ouch!

Well, I think that's all I've got time to post for now. Stay tuned for part two; where we find out just how the adventure pans out. Stay frosty!

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