Monday, 30 January 2017

10 x 10 Challenge #3: I Made An Oopsie!

Soooo, a couple of things I overlooked during the journey from seeing the challenge, and taking the challenge. Mostly because the original blog post I read about the challenge omitted these details, and as you'll see, there was really no indication that I'd missed anything (until I read the full details over at BGG just).

Detail the first: There are actually 2 versions of this challenge. Normal and Hardcore.

This isn't really something I'd expected, as I had taken the title at face value, which seemed to be pretty self-explanatory. Pick ten games, and play them ten times each, It seemed pretty clear cut. However, how it actually plays out is as follows:

Normal - Play ten games, ten times each. So far, so good. In this version of the challenge, whilst you make a list of your ten planned games at inception; you can freely substitute other games for your choices throughout the year. So this version is VERY flexible, and missing your target would be damn hard.

Hardcore - This is the version that is closest to how I had imagined the challenge; in that you make your selections ahead of time, and lock them in. Ten by ten. Ten games that you plan to play ten times each throughout the year. Pretty straight forward.. If it were not for detail the second. With this version of the challenge you actually choose ELEVEN games to lock in, with the goal being to play ten games of  each of your ten of your selections.

So whilst I had taken the challenge to mean, "pick ten games, lock them in, play each of them ten times and you win"; it turns out I have a little more flexibility.. Not that I'm complaining. Now I only have to narrow that list of 89 games down to 11!

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