Friday, 3 February 2017

From Sleeping Beauty To Prince Charming

Okay, sleeping beauty might be a bit strong; but I am still impressed with how quickly I can flip from asleep
to the king of customer service.

Drifting gently to the dulcet tones of Morpheus, somewhere in the magical land of Far Far Away; deep in the region of nod early on a Friday morn, a sudden bolt of electric filled the sky.. Electric guitar! It was my phone ringing, and I'd been Thunderstruck.

Stirring quickly  from my slumber, I forced my eyes open, rolled over, and reached for the phone; all in one deft motion. "Private Number". "Hmmm", I thought "It must be job related".

I was right! And from that moment I was only seconds away from being interviewed over the phone. Unexpected, unrehearsed, and having only 10 seconds earlier been fast asleep!.. And i nailed it!

Really, going from unconscious to positively witty and warm is a talent I didn't know I had the first time this happened.. And this is not the first time!

Personally, I am quite impressed with myself. Mostly because it may lead to paid employment, but also to no lesser degree that I still manage to amaze myself with what I'm capable of.

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