Saturday, 25 February 2017

A Nice Surprise

When I woke up today, I was a little disappointed with myself.

For a start it was the afternoon, and I had planned to be up no later than mid morning. That was on me for having an early night when I could do with an earlyish start; which I wanted so that I could have a game of no holds bared gaming. That was the plan, and I'd already cocked it up before the day had even begun.

It then became apparent I'd have to go out too else I'd be screwed for toiletries, when I had planned to spend the whole day in the house.. More time out of my planned gaming. Again, it was on me though. I wouldn't normally let supplies get so low; but with how crazy-busy things have been the past few weeks it completely slipped my attention.

I'm usually pretty good at planning my time, and there are few people I know who can match me in terms of organisation. So, hence the disappointment. I'm my own worst critic.

I'm also not one for letting the little things get to me. It needed to be done, so it was going to get done. There would still be plenty of time for gaming later after all, and as it had been a while since I did the rounds; I decided to pop into my local charity shops.

I've had some great success in them in the past, picking high ticket value boardgames such as The Last Night On Earth, Elder Sign, Ticket To Ride: Europe, The Key To The Kingdom, Lost Valley Of The Dinosaurs, Heroquest, and ZOMBIES!!! from them at greatly reduced prices. Always at a fair price mind, and often above their ticket price; as I'm not in the business of screwing over the needy.

Taking this more ethical approach also means that I have a good rapport with the staff, and they'll often hold stuff they think I may be interested in back. They also know that if I decide not to buy, I'll appraise it for them; so they can fetch a better price in their stores. It's a good working relationship, and I'm only more than happy to help.

Back to today however, and my nice surprise.

Doing my rounds, nothing was really standing out. There wasn't even a lot in the way of boardgames in a lot of the stores. It was nice to pop in and say hi; but there wasn't looking like much prospect of finding a diamond in the rough.. Then I spotted a box that looked rather familiar on the top shelf. It was a copy of Turbo.

Turbo is nothing special, but I have fancied picking up a copy ever since I saw Larry and Stuart running through it on YouTube. It was only a few quid, which seemed about right; and upon getting it home and checking it over, my copy doesn't seem in bad nick. There's only one piece missing, which is nothing critical to gameplay;  and the board itself is pristine.

Granted, it's not like I found the Zelda boardgame in a charity shop, but it is a nice little find; and I am perfectly happy with what I have received. I've wanted a copy for a few months, and now I have it!

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