Sunday, 19 February 2017

More Free Zines.. 10 Of Them

So I finally got around to working my way through the extensive list of links that I found over at; and updating the "Free Zines" page.

The list below may seem like I cut a lot of the content from the original site, but there were reasons. One of the main ones being dead links. Whilst the list over at Grognard was extensive, a lot of the links were dead; which was a bit of a shame. Zines come from people's passions, so it's always kind of sad to see that dwindle away; or lost to internet archiving.

The other main reason for links not making the cut was that they weren't actually zines. There were blogs, podcasts, and websites in the mix; and that's not what the "Free Zines" page is about. No matter the merits or quality of the work on those sites.

Lastly, a few didn't make it because they weren't free.

All of that aside, the list did yield the following 10 zines; which can be accessed by the below links, or the "Free Zines" page:

Burke's Autoduel Magazine - A very dead zine dedicated to Car Wars and Autoduel. Seriously, not even the darkest technomancy is going to bring this back; being available now only through the wonder of the wayback machine. With Car Wars making a return in recent years however, it may be of some interest to someone.

Countermoves - A very professional quality wargame zine that reminds me greatly of the older hobby magazines. Very nice.

Diplodocus - A few issues of a very niche zine that focused largely on play-by-post games of Diplomacy. Quite the curiosity, that reads like almost like a number station!

Diplomacy World - A diplomacy zine that has been going since 1974, with back issues available all the way to their first publication.

Games Journal - A general interest gaming zine that ran between 2000 and 2005.

Gauntlet - A wargaming zine available as text pad files via

Phoenix - Another wargaming zine available as text pad files via

Relative Range - A gaming zine dedicated to Avalon Hill's Up Front, made available by the wayback machine. 7 Issues in all.

Simulations Online - Yet another wargaming zine available as text pad files via

Sweep of History - A short lived wargaming zine, that only appears to have run for three issues back in the mid noughties; which can still be downloaded as PDFs from the original site.

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