Friday, 10 February 2017


I went to bed last night (well early this morning),thinking I had an interview this morning; but woke up to a call shifting it to early next week.

This wasn't exactly unexpected, as the interview had already been moved once; and the sector it is for is notoriously flaky based upon my personal experiences. I've worked in it for the better part of two years, and meetings being moved around is almost a given.. And what's an interview, but a meeting. So, not unexpected; but as you can imagine, it didn't exactly impress upon me their professionalism.

Some people reading that may think, "So" or, "Well, you want the job don't you?". Something to that effect. Something basically along the lines of suck it up.

I get that. I do.

However, my experience of the job market is a little different than that other people may have. I have people coming to me, asking if I'll work for them. Effectively, jobs apply to me!

Now I'm not going to say that happens all the time, but it has happened in the past, recently, and is happening now. I have a telephone interview lined up early next week, for a job where the employer came to me; and asked if I would be interested!

So, yes. I do want to apply for this job; but I'm not relying on it, and it's as much about the employer convincing me that I want to work for them, as vice versa. My CV grabs attention, gets me offers and all told I have three other irons in the fire at the moment.

I work hard, I work smart; and I can demonstrate this to people.

Now, a lot of this post stems from my annoyance at the general lack of professionalism and organisation that people seem only all too willing to put on display. Granted my griping at it, isn't exactly professional either; but I think that a lot of folks can relate to this kind of frustration.

So I guess the take-away point here would be that if this kind of behavior annoys you  (and it pisses me off royally), be the change you want to see. In everything you do, set out out to be as organised and professional as you can.

Nobody likes the guy who is always late, or always cancels last minute because they have a thing. Don't be that guy!

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