Tuesday, 2 May 2017

My New Job: First Day. First Impressions.

Ce n'est pas un oeuf de PâquesSo today was my first day at the new job, and I have to say that my initial impressions are all together positive.

The work is interesting, challenging and, engaging. The staff are all pretty laid back, and whilst I'm doing more hours than I was in my previous role; the time just seemed to fly by today. People are also really willing to help, and there isn't the expectation that you need to hit the ground running before you can walk.. Which is definitely a positive given the highly involved, and technical nature of the work I am undertaking.

Anecdotally, I also found a copy of Snake coded into one of our in-house systems today; totally by chance. I flagged it up with my supervisor, and what was their response? Only to tell me, "yeah, and there's a few other games in there too". How cool is that?!

Most companies flip-out when developers leave Easter eggs in the stuff they develop, but not these guys. No. They leave them in, and tell you there is still more to find!! Like I need encouraging!!

If nothing else, this is going to be an interesting assignment.

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