Monday, 29 May 2017

10 x 10 Challenge #27: Dark Dealings - Games #1 & #2

Going back to my list of games that I had selected for the 10 x 10 Challenge; I decided that next up would be Dark Dealings by Nevermore Games. A game that I had been really looking forward to playing for a few months now..

So much so that I didn't pay much attention to the notes that I should have been making for my write ups during the first couple of games. I also wasn't really too sure about what information I needed to be capturing either, having not played the game before; so what information I did take down was lacking in relevant detail.

In short, I really screwed the pooch on this one.

Luckily however I noticed where I had gone wrong by the end of game two, so I made sure to capture everything I needed in game three; and that working out of what's required (even if a little late) does stand me in good stead going forwards.

As a (very) brief summary of my first two games though, I would say the following:

Game #1

Being the first game I didn't get very far at all in the final (combat) phase; having not drafted particularly well in the second (defense) phase. I had completely neglected to draft any cards which could deal with one of the thieves that I had drafted in the first (hero) phase; which meant game over (as soon as you encounter a hero that you cannot defeat, you lose the game).

Game #2

Having developed a good idea of how to play the game, and having started to form some tactics; I did a LOT better in the second game. This time around I made it as far as the seventh hero before I had to concede (as I had used all of my defenses on the previous six heroes).

In Summary

There we have it, two VERY brief write ups from some VERY sketchy notes made on the fly. Not that I plan to let this set the tone; intending as I do to return to blogging as usual with the next post, having captured a lot more of my last game as it was played through my note taking.


  1. Is this a solo card-drafting game?

    1. It is a card-drafting game that supports up to six players; but includes a variant that allows it to be played solo. When comparing the solitaire variant to the multiplayer rules though, there is very little difference; and the game does a great job of emulating other players with very little fuss, which I really like.

      The game in a nutshell:

      You start out by drafting your heroes in the first phase, which directly affects your buying power when it comes to bidding on defenses in the second phase.

      In the last phase it's a case of last overlord standing as you attempt to hold off the heroes you drafted in the first round, with the defenses you purchased in the second.

      If you'd like to see the game in action there is a great demo here (although they are using some prototype components that are nowhere near as pretty as the real thing):