Monday, 15 May 2017

Meeple Arcade #4: Tapularity

Tapularity - Screenshot
In my last Meeple Arcade post, I talked about how I felt that escape games were just lazy point and click games, generally made by even lazier developers.

Not to out do myself, but today's offering is even lazier! Belong as it does to the genre of lazy games (otherwise known as clicker or incremental games).

For those of you not familiar with the genre, lazy games require little to no input on the part of the player; typically requiring only one button to play.

In this style of game, the player will find that they have to click on a button or an object (in the case of Tapularity, anywhere on the main screen) a few times when they begin the game, but that these clicks can then be converted into some kind of auto-clicker that will then do the job for them.. And that's all there really is to a lazy game!

Even with such a simple recipe though, there are a lot (and I mean a LOT) of poor quality clicker games out there; and whilst I knew that I wanted to cover the genre after my last post, I was determined to find a good example to share with you all.. And boy did that take time!

I found games that were good, but only loaded half of the time (now that's lazy!). Games that with poor interfaces (lazy). Games that were overly complicated (hey! I'm trying to be lazy here).. And then I found Tapularity.

A game that does the genre just right. It's simple, the interface is good; and you can get going with just a few clicks. Exactly what you want from a lazy game. There's also something wonderfully ironic about posting a game on social media in the lazy genre, to social media after a delay of a month and a half!

Want to try Tapularity for yourself?


Play Tapularity at Crazy Games
Play Tapularity at Kongregate
Play Tapularity at Silvergames

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