Saturday, 27 May 2017

Creepy As All Balls

Glass Clown - Creepy As All Balls
There's very little left in this world that frightens me anymore. I used to have quite the phobia of spiders, but I got past it; to the point where I am now actually happy to see them.

Clowns though.. That's another matter entirely. I still find clowns to be as creepy as all balls. Something that I believe started with my sister's collection of porcelain ones that I grew up with. Horrible, horrible things.. Not that they've got anything on this hideous glass monstrosity that I bought today..

Yeah. BOUGHT! Odd behavior given my feelings towards clowns in general; and even more bizarre when you consider just how f****d up this particular clown looks. Seriously! Look at that sinister grin, and the eye that has drifted away from the face as if Picasso blew this beast.

 So why did I buy it, when just looking at it unsettles me and gives me an uneasy feeling in the very pit of my stomach?

Honestly I don't know. I can only reason that there is some part of me that wants me to best my fears and overcome my phobias. Presumably the same part of me that compelled me to buy this.. Either that, or there could be evil clown mind control techniques at work.

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