Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Something Pleasant In the Post!

As you may be aware, I posted up a few days ago about a very generous give away that Tim Shorts of Gothridge Manor was running; where he was offering up items normally reserved for Patreon. He was even picking up the tab for the postage!

To say I have been looking forward to these would be an understatement. Work is crap at the moment, so knowing I have something to look forward to has really helped keep me going; so I was overjoyed when I got home from the daily grind this evening to be greeted by a small white envelope on the door mat.

Opening it up eagerly I found two small adventures, one the size of an index card, and the other contained in an A5 sized folded pamphlet; along with another index sized card containing a NPC - all of which I promptly sat down with and began to read through.

I have to say that I am very impressed (not that I doubted I would be), and amazed just how much adventure you can fit into a very small space. Seriously, I'm really digging these micro adventures; and the NPC has a certain quality about him that brings him forth from the page.

Which leaves me only two things to do as a result:

1 - Work out how Patreon works, so I can get more of the same in the future, and..
2 - See if there's some way I can get the whole back catalogue of these adventures; as what I have seen so far really makes me want more. LOTS more!


  1. Cool. :)

    I was looking at Patreon for a product line in my Pulp City days, but it didn't come together how I anticipated in terms of the work needed by participants, but it is an interesting platform. :)

    1. It does indeed look like quite an interesting platform; and I really need to learn more about it.

      Honestly, at this point I don't actually know how it works as either a Patreon or the person supporting the Patreon.. Assuming I just used those terms in the correct context.. That's how little I know about it!