Free Zines

A collection of free zines for the gaming enthusiast.

Burke's Autoduel Magazine - A very dead zine dedicated to Car Wars and Autoduel. Seriously, not even the darkest technomancy is going to bring this back; being available now only through the wonder of the wayback machine. With Car Wars making a return in recent years however, it may be of some interest to someone.

Countermoves - A very professional quality wargame zine that reminds me greatly of the older hobby magazines. Very nice.

Critical Miss - A zine intended for mature readers only. It contains strong, gratuitous and unnecessary language. You should only proceed if you are mature enough to handle such language, but immature enough to find it funny.

Diplodocus - A few issues of a very niche zine that focused largely on play-by-post games of Diplomacy. Quite the curiosity, that reads like almost like a number station!

Diplomacy World - A diplomacy zine that has been going since 1974, with back issues available all the way to their first publication.

Games Journal - A general interest gaming zine that ran between 2000 and 2005.

Gauntlet - A wargaming zine available as text pad files via

Ironwatch - A free monthly war gaming fanzine, with a focus on Mantic products.

Phoenix - Another wargaming zine available as text pad files via

Relative Range - A gaming zine dedicated to Avalon Hill's Up Front, made available by the wayback machine. 7 Issues in all.

Simulations Online - Yet another wargaming zine available as text pad files via

Snollygoster - More of a newsletter than a fanzine, but still well worth a download; this publication offers alternate rules, short solos and, other assorted new content for Tunnels & Trolls.

Sweep of History - A short lived wargaming zine, that only appears to have run for three issues back in the mid noughties; which can still be downloaded as PDFs from the original site.

TrollsZine - An infrequent fanzine full of all things Tunnels & Trolls.

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